The best coffee shops to work from in Dubai

January 16, 2021

I love working in coffee shops. There's a specific atmosphere that you can't really get anywhere else (even The New Scientist agrees with me!).

Since arriving in Dubai, I've spent a lot of time working in different coffee shops, trying to work out which one is my favourite. I have 3 main criteria -

  1. coffee must be good
  2. the decor needs to be relaxed, with lots of greenery if possible
  3. must be vegan friendly

One of the things I've found since being in Dubai is that whilst coffee culture is different to say London or Paris, there are some gems if you know where to look.

Here's my roundup of the best places I've found to work in Dubai.

Boston Lane

Al Quoz

Located in The Collective, Boston Lane is a dinky Melbourne-inspired coffee shop. providing an idyllic space to work. Head there for the smooth coffee, stay for the food and don't miss out on the independent stores.

Breaking Bread


With a playlist that changes daily (classical to jazz with a detour via acoustic covers) Breaking Bread provides exactly what you need to work successfully: a large co-working table, comfy sofas, and friendly servers who pop up at just the right time.

Café M

Media City

Located within Media One hotel, Café M is a go-to for relaxed meetings. They have an extensive menu, including all day breakfast, and offer a handful of vegan options. If there's space, make sure to get a banquette seat for the ultimate people-watching experience.


Al Quoz

Located in the Courtyard (and a stone's throw from Boston Lane), Cassette is a Parisian-inspired cafe offering delicious coffee and a varied food menu. Cassette prides itself on providing a relaxed experience, with the soundtrack to go with it, and they don't disappoint.

Common Grounds


Common Grounds (owned by the same people as Tom & Serg, below) brings Australian coffee culture to the UAE. The coffee is second to none, but as a vegan, it's their extensive menu I go back for. Vegan or not, make sure you try the crispy cauliflower. Seriously, don't walk, run.

Friends Avenue Cafe

JLT | Motor City

Friends Avenue Cafe is my all-time favourite place to work in Dubai. Between the incredibly friendly servers, perfect menu (açai bowls, eggs and bigger dishes) and free filter coffee refills, you can't go wrong. The decor is also beautiful and as soon as you walk through the doors it's impossible not to relax.

Spill the Bean

Arabian Ranches | Mira

If you love peanut butter, Spill the Bean is the place for you. I've been assured by peanut butter lovers that the pudding is a must-try. Located in Mira and Arabian Ranches, Spill the Bean provides a calm, dog-friendly, workspace with pretty decent wifi. Make sure to check out the (extensive) book-swap at Mira.

Tom & Serg

Al Quoz

Tom & Serg has taken an industrial space (think exposed ceilings and untreated floors) and transformed it into a coffee haven. Downstairs, you can soak in the atmosphere and natural light, but if you need somewhere to focus, head upstairs and make the most of the sofas.

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