Hi, I'm Laura, the Creator of The Assistant's Handboook.

I've been an Executive Assistant since graduating in 2012, and my experience spans multiple sectors, including automotive, artificial intelligence, food delivery, and most recently, ultra-premium hospitality.

The Assistant's Handbook is a blog for EAs, by an EA. I mainly write about technology and what it means to be an assistant today, with the aim of helping fellow assistants enhance their role.

I started thinking about The Assistant's Handbook in 2020, just before the beginning of the pandemic. I had recently moved to Dubai and needed something to keep me occupied while I searched for a job. Once the pandemic hit, and career opportunities became scarce, it felt like the best use of my time. Initially, it was something I did for myself, and I remember feeling quite nervous about starting to post and share.

I see The Assistant's Handbook as the embodiment of the role I strive to play as an EA. I don't enjoy being merely a postbox, as one of my previous bosses described it, nor being confined to a specific role. I've been fortunate in my career to challenge the traditional boundaries of the EA role, and I want to share that experience with other assistants who may not have had the same opportunities or who don't know where to start. While I don't possess a magic formula, as luck plays a significant role, I hope that the skills and perspectives I share can make a positive impact.